Friday, May 11, 2012

Bboy Cico

                                                     Spinkingz & Redbullbcone allstar

Dubbed the “Prince of Power”, Italy’s Mauro Peruzzi aka CICO specializes in power moves; the most dynamic, gymnastic moves in the B-Boy dance form. He is especially known for his energetic air flare combinations and his incredible 1990’s where he rapidly spins in a one-armed handstand. In fact, he holds the world record with 27 revolutions.

CICO remembers his first time seeing power moves, “One day I caught a glimpse of something rotating in the distance. Curious of what it was, I quickly approached and was shocked with what I saw. A person was spinning like a vortex on the cold pavement. I said to myself, ‘Incredible! It's against every law of nature...he's flying!’ My hands were sweaty and my heart started to beat faster. It was as if something in that precise moment took my breath away. The want, the desire and the conviction of LEARNING HOW TO FLY!”

CICO was born in Germany in 1984 and moved back and forth between Germany and Italy until 2002. He started B-Boying in 1995 and is currently a member with the Spinkings crew. He personally draws his inspiration for dance from movies featuring comic book superheroes including The X-Men, Fantastic 4, Spiderman and Daredevil but also sports like Formula One, Motocross and Freestyle ECC. He explains, “My style is to be fast!” When he is on the battlefield, he wants to be himself and look his opponent in the eyes. He enjoys engaging the audience by playing with them.

He offers these words of encouragement to all the B-Boys out there: “Be yourself! Don’t act to win. If you are yourself, you'll win, even if the judges don't pick you.” 

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