Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bboy Lilou

Ali Ramdani aka B-Boy LILOU is a polarizing character, but still the most popular B-Boy of all. LILOU was born in France, but has Algerian roots. He travels between worlds and is considered “the immigrant” in both of them.

LILOU has a unique dance style and an engaging stage presence, being vicious, but humorous as well. The audience loves him! He perfectly combines the new style of “flexible moves” with classic footwork and power moves. His signature move is a variation of the air-chair.

LILOU has been dancing since he was twelve years old. He was fascinated when he first saw breakers on TV doing power moves and spinning on their heads. He thought that was absolutely crazy and he wanted to do it, too. His older brother taught him the moonwalk and later LILOU started to dance with an old-skool B-Boy who lived in his hood. He got his name when he was very young. Instead of his given name Ali, his family used to call him ALILOU which then became shortened to LILOU.

In 1999, LILOU and some of the guys he practiced with formed the crew Pockémon. They have been like a family ever since and have battled at big events worldwide where their skills have become legendary. In addition to breaking, LILOU has also tried locking. He likes it a lot, but he says he doesn’t have enough time to practice seriously. “Maybe when I am older…”

For LILOU the most important asset of a B-Boy is determination—not only in a battle but in everyday practice and in your whole lifestyle. “Find out what you want and then go and get it, no matter what! When you’re in a battle, you’re there to win, not to play, so what you have to do is kill the enemy!”

LILOU has had a black belt in Kung Fu since he was sixteen years old. The Kung Fu mentality helped with his breaking. “Just like in Kung Fu, you have to anticipate the move your opponent is going to come out with and you’d better have an answer to that. You need to learn new moves and combinations and develop your style all the time if you want to be a winner.”

LILOU lists his greatest influences as Michael Jackson, Zinédine Zidane, Mohammed Ali and Jamiroquai. He admires their careers, their charisma and recognizes them for being legends in their respective area of expertise.

Among the many items that LILOU wears when battling to express his individuality, he sometimes puts on a I’m Muslim Don’t Panic t-shirt or keffiyeh to express solidarity with his brothers and sisters who are facing great adversity. He recognizes that there are many wars around the world for territory or for money but his battles are on the dance floor!

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