Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bboy Lil G

Gibrahimer Beomont aka LIL G represents Venezuela. Power, style, flavor and rhythm are LIL G’s main focus when dancing. He is known for his original power moves and unique transitions. He appears to be extremely confident and his moves, though of a high degree of difficulty, look easy and effortless. He seems to be at his peak this year and certainly is a force to reckon with.

LIL G began B-Boying in 2001, at the age of 11. He was inspired to learn the dance after he first saw Venezuelan B-Boys Shadow and Cannon perform. Soon Shadow became his mentor, not only teaching him to B-Boy but also the history and philosophy of the dance. Initially LIL G joined the Shining Shadow crew but later got down with the Speedy Angels. Since he was so little when he started dancing, he was naturally given the name LIL G. When he traveled with his crew, they presented themselves as his legal family, since he was underage and not permitted to travel alone.

While not initially enthused about his non-traditional career choice to be a professional B-Boy, LIL G’s family members were eventually won over as they realized the time, energy and passion that he dedicated to the art. Today, they are very proud of him and respect him for his achievements.

The Hip Hop scene in South America is still developing, but in Venezuela it’s already pretty strong. There is a lot of graffiti and many rappers are stepping into the scene. There are also parties and underground battles every once a while. The battles are called Underground Battles because in Venezuela B-Boy battles are organized by B-Boys or crews without any support from sponsors or government. They are promoted mouth to mouth. A fee is collected from the participating B-Boys or crews and from this money, the expenses and the prize money are covered. Unfortunately that doesn’t usually work well because not enough money is collected, but still there is always somebody willing to take the risk.

LIL G describes his battle strategy, “First be smart. Then go and bring the other B-Boy into your game!” His own rules for conduct while battling include never yelling at or touching his opponent, never biting the moves of other dancers and not getting in the middle of another B-Boy’s set when it’s not his turn.
“If you want to get anywhere with B-Boying, you need to travel and you need to work extremely hard. I sometimes sleep on floors, often don’t get much sleep, and now and then there isn’t any time to eat, but I learned a lot on my journey!”

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