Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bboy Hong10

Hong 10

Kim Hong-Yeol aka HONG 1, is one the most well-known bboy of the world. Recognized for his extremely complex, clean, and intricately creative style, he won 2nd place in 2005’s RED BULL BC ONE, 1st place in 2006 and 3rd place in 2007. His signature moves are Bridge ’90s, Chair Flares, Chair Threads, Drop Chair Freezes, and the HONG 10 Freeze.
Kim’s name in Korean is HONG Yul, and Yul translated into Korean phonetically means ten. So his name is HONG 10. It sounds like Hang 10 which is a term for a particular move in surfing. Kim loves snowboarding and wakeboarding, is an avid photographer and also reads a lot. He gets a lot of support from his family. Even though they are constantly worried about his health and his future they stand behind him and always cheer for him in competitions. Kim’s crew is like family to him as well. They are his strength, his peers, his critics and his number one support.
 His battle strategy is to know his opponents and to be flexible and responsive to their attacks. He tries to pace out his endurance and strength to last until the final rounds of a competition. Kim makes sure that his endurance has been developed to last longer than the others, by vigorously training his cardiovascular system. He’s an organized battle strategist. He sorts out his body and his mind and then calmly calculates what he must do to win. He has a big repertoire and makes sure he has his weapons ready and knows when to drop which move.
HONG 10 has learned that winning is important but isn’t everything. Coming in second in competitions that he really wanted to win has kept him humble and kept his competitive fire alive. It only brings him back to the lab to reinvent himself. He is still growing and really excited about where this road will take him.

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