Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bboy Ronnie

RONNIE Abaldonado, is a member of two crews: Full Force and Super Cr3w. The members of Full Force have been together for over 12 years and are like blood brothers to him. The crew logo is a tree symbolizing a family whose roots continue to deepen as it grows. In 2008, enormous mainstream popularity came to RONNIE with Super Cr3w appearing on MTV and winning the second season of America’s Best Dance Crew!

RONNIE is inspired by his crews as well as Jabbawockeez. He explains, “You are who you hang out with. My style is greatly influenced by my friends who I train with.” In general, passionate people who do their best in any element inspire him. Musically, he finds more inspiration from Soul and R&B artists including John Legend, Robin Thicke and Musiq Soulchild as well as Hip Hop artists like Common He is a big fan of Hip Hop because he views it as a culture of self-expression. RONNIE loves to draw and is attracted to most anything that enables him to creatively express his individuality. 

RONNIE first learned about Hip Hop culture, in the mid 1980’s and was fascinated with Hip Hop cult classic movies like “Wildstyle” and “Beat Street”. While still living in Guam, he saw B-Boying performed live. After his family relocated to California, he began dancing in what he calls the “new jack swing” era of the early 1990’s. “Whatever was fresh on TV, I would try and emulate. It wasn't until around 1993-94 that I started breaking,” he recalls. He was inspired by both his cousins and most of all by his older brother, Rodolfo Jr. who RONNIE imitated.

RONNIE’S parents naturally encouraged him to continue attending the University of Las Vegas, where he had a scholarship and was on the verge of declaring architecture as his major. As a result of the work, travel and other opportunities coming in for him as a B-Boy, he made the difficult decision to drop out. Initially unconvinced, his parents became supportive of his new career choice once they realized that B-Boying was their son’s true passion.

The best way to describe RONNIE’s approach to B-Boying is “well rounded”. He focuses on incorporating all elements of B-Boying into his style: footwork, power moves, top rocks, musicality and more. His signature moves include variations of freezes and intricate footwork transitions combined with power moves. His battle strategies are very straightforward: consistency, composure and aggression. He says, “No matter how much a B-Boy blows it up in a battle, I don't let it phase me. It's about winning the judges vote and not the audience. Never show weakness in a battle and stick to your style.”

When asked what is most important for him to do in a battle, he answers the obvious, “To win every round.” He is mindful to give his competitors space when they are dancing, not to be disrespectful and not to touch his opponents. It is essential to RONNIE that he remains true to himself, doing what he does best in the best possible way he can.

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